U.S. troops attacked with chemical weapons in Iraq, possible mustard gas

U.S. military forces have been reportedly attacked by ISIS with chemical weapons at Qayarrah air base.

According to an initial report from CNN’s Barbara Star, the troops were targeted with indirect fire that possibly contained mustard gas.

The shell was categorized by officials as either a rocket or artillery shell and initial testing for chemical agents was inconclusive but suggested mustard gas.

“No US troops were hurt or have displayed symptoms of exposure to mustard agent,” according to CNN.

The troops who were involved in the incident have not shown any symptoms of exposure but went through decontamination showers as a precaution.

Last week, more than 50 targets were destroyed at a former pharmaceuticals factory near Mosul by coalition airstrikes.

The factory had been converted for production of “chlorine or mustard gas — we don’t know for sure at this point,” Lieutenant-General Jeffrey Harrigian, the commander of US air forces in the region, said last week.

Officials expected that ISIS might try and use chemical weapons against U.S. and Iraqi forces during their push to take back Mosul.

U.S. officials stated they will continue to hit suspected mustard agent, which is relatively easy to produce, production sites wherever they find them.

Qayarrah air base was retaken from ISIS in July and was considered a necessary stronghold for the operation to retake Mosul from ISIS. The base is believed to have over 30 hardened aircraft shelters.

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