U.S. Special Operator reportedly killed after secret raid on ISIS prison

A coalition member waits to board a Blackhawk helicopter before a mission to target known terrorist threats in Northern Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

An U.S. military operator has reportedly been killed during a secret raid on an ISIS prison in northern Iraq.  The raid was conducted by US and Iraqi Special Operations early this morning.  As many has seventy Kurdish hostages are said to have been rescued.

The New York Times was the first to report on this classified raid, in which military officials have declined to comment.  Iraqi officials have reported this raid to be a significant joint strike against the Islamic State.

Iraqis reported that the joint mission was carried out with the support of U.S. helicopters, airstrikes, and Kurdish special operators.

The U.S. helicopters were used to bring the operators to their objective, which was in Hawija, a small village in Kirkuk province, Iraq.

According to Iraqi officials, U.S. airstrikes were used to cut off the roads leading up to the ISIS run prison.  Then the Kurdish operators led the raid on the ground with the support of U.S. Special Operations service members.

This is the first U.S. Special Operations mission with confirmed boots on ground in Iraq.  According to the NY Times, it is the most significant mission since U.S. Special Operation’s HVT mission in Syria that captured Abu Sayyaf, the top Islamic State financier in Syria.

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