U.S. Soldier, facing criminal charges, reported AWOL in S. Korea

A U.S. soldier has been reported AWOL (absent without leave) from Camp Casey, a US military base near the border of North Korea.

According to South Korean police, the 27-year-old serviceman, who has yet to be identified, has been missing from his post, located 40 kilometers north of Seoul, since Saturday.

The soldier was assigned to the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division, whose purpose at Camp Casey -located 11 miles south of the DMZ- is to “assist in deterring North Korean aggression.”

Service members assigned to Camp Casey are authorized a 24-month accompanied-by-dependents tour or a dependent-restricted 12-month tour.

The missing soldier was scheduled to face a military trial today for allegedly possessing child pornography, according to the Korea Herald.

The U.S. Army is currently working to locate the soldier and has not released a statement yet.

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