U.S. service members attacked while in Thailand for Cobra Gold exercise

An American serviceman on liberty during the Cobra Gold exercises in Thailand was reportedly assaulted by aggressive street vendors over the weekend- and the whole thing is caught on tape.

According to reports and security footage, the serviceman was drinking at a nearby bar around 1700 local time when he was aggressively approached by street vendors, who frequently target foreigners and attempt to sell them counterfeit watches.

Uninterested in the fake watches, the serviceman angered the salesmen, who then began to assault the American.

The serviceman was punched in the face and immediately fought back against superior numbers.

Police arrived shortly after and questioned both parties, according to the Bangkok Post.

The Cobra Gold exercise went from February 13 to 23 in multiple locations around the country.

The serviceman’s injuries -if any- are unknown at this time.

YouTube video

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