U.S. backed rebels turn on American Operators in Syria, threatening to behead them

US Special Operations troops were allegedly run out of a Syrian town by the very rebels they were sent to support.

Videos surfacing from the Syrian-Turkish border town of al-Rai on September 16 show US Special Operations troops and select local allies leaving amidst crowds of angry Free Syrian Army faction members , calling the Western troops “crusaders” and crying for beheadings on Friday.

The Free Syrian Army -also known as the FSA- is a US-backed group of Islamic rebels that are considered “moderates” and allies in the US fight against the Islamic State.

PRI reports that around six US Military members were forced to turn the trucks around and head back over the Turkish border, mainly due to the lack of cooperation with the FSA troops, who were heard calling them dogs.

“We won’t accept any American here,” one fighter said in the video. “We’re Muslims, not infidels.”

US Central Command spokesmen report that they are looking into the events that took place on Friday.

The current Turkish-led Operation Euphrates Shield campaign has been the source of great headache for the US since Turkey first sent armored units into Syria over the summer. While the US previously requested Turkish involvement in the Syrian arena, the Turks ultimately launched the operation without warning the US and brought into the fray several allies of a rebel group founded by al-Qaeda, who ultimately attacked the US-backed Kurds.

According to Middle East Institute think tank senior fellow Charles Lister, it was the American support of the Syrian Kurds that allegedly motivated the protests on Friday.

Lister also later reported that the US troops returned to al-Rai shortly after being run out.

Syrian rebels loosely aligned with the US have criticized the superpower for doing nothing from stopping Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from working with Russia and bombing civilian zones, while Kurdish commanders resent the Turkish backed forces as extremist jihadists, going so far as to accuse Turkey of quietly backing ISIS.

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