U.S. Army website taken down by hackers

The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed responsibility for the hacking the Army’s main public website. They took credit via Twitter, where they wrote messages like “Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army” in pop ups that showed up for users of the Army’s website.

The pop-up messages first started around 1 p.m. today and by 3 p.m. the website was completely taken down.  They claim to have saved an archive of the website including email addresses of active duty military members.

The hackers told Cyber Kendra, a technology blog, “[We] have hacked the CDN service of the US Army website which is hosted on Limelight. Because the US Army is training terrorists in Turkey,”

There have not been any press releases from the Military regarding the hacking yet.



  • Michael Swaney

    Michael is an Army veteran and the Director of Content for Bright Mountain Media LLC

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