U.S. Army getting ready for Martial Law conspiracy debunked

Two soldiers of the 330th Military Police Company conduct a traffic stop at Fort Irwin during May 2016. (U.S. Army Photo by Spc. Adam Parent/Released)

If a shocking Army memorandum saying that Fort Carson soldiers will be training for martial law finds its way in your email inbox or on your social media page, don’t panic: it isn’t real.

A snapshot photo of a supposed memorandum titled “Preparation for Martial Law” has been making its rounds on the internet after it was uploaded by Facebook used Diane Holthaus last Friday.

The document stated that “As of 5 August 2016, 2322 the Bill for the Executive Order Enacting Martial Law has been put into effect. Fort Carson will start training and preparation on 5 September 2016 at 0900.”

Marshall Law Memo
(Diane Holthaus/Facebook)

The document then listed a series of units based at the Colorado garrison, along with troop class strengths, time frames and training locations.

The document was shared several times, which in turn became shared several times more through other social media profiles and platforms. The document was also shared on 4chan and Reddit message boards, complete with outcries of coming (sic) “marshall law.”

Despite the official looking notice, the document gave several clues as to its authenticity- but only to those who would have experience with such documents. For example, there is no security clearance classification on the document, as well as other formatting areas.

Popular Military reached out to the Fort Carson Public Affairs Office, who were all too familiar with the aforementioned document.

“The Facebook posting showing what appears to be an official 4th Infantry Division memo stating that Fort Carson is starting martial law training is a complete fabrication,” a Fort Carson official wrote via email.  “There is no training being conducted on Fort Carson concerning any type of martial law preparation. The Posse Comitatus Act forbids military involvement in domestic law enforcement without congressional approval.”

While certain units (such as Military Police) occasionally train for “martial law”-type activities, it is generally done in conjunction with regular training of their everyday duties, such as riot control or securing contested areas. In addition, such matters are more often relegated to National Guard troops, who can be mobilized more easily than Active Duty troops.

So, if you receive a forwarded email -written hastily in all-caps- with a copy of the attached memorandum, have no fear. The government has no plans as of yet to swoop down and round you up into gymnasiums. Carry on, citizen.

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