Two vets confront fake Army Ranger at his work, embarrass him over PA system

In a drill sergeant shark attack fashion, two veterans confronted a Goodwill employee claiming to be an Army Ranger infantry veteran.  It doesn’t take long for these veterans to convince viewers of the video confrontation to believe that the alleged Ranger, Skylar Powell, is a liar.

While many confrontations start with the question, “Do you have a VA card?”, these vets went with more subtle questions to test the faker.

“Did you file an ID10T form,” asks one of the veterans. “What was your unit’s policy for lost Humvee keys?”

Any Army vet -especially one claimed to have served in Iraq for five years- would know there is know such thing as an “Idiot” form and Humvees don’t have keys.

After thoroughly explaining why claiming to have served in combat when you have not is a disgusting crime, Luke, a Marine veteran, uses the store’s PA system to make an announcement.

“Attention Goodwill workers and staff, we have a case of Stolen Valor. Skylar Powell is not a military,” said Luke before an employee takes the microphone from him.

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