Two of three ISIS terrorist bombers were brothers, major manhunt underway for third who didn’t die

Authorities in Brussels have issued a Wanted Notice for a man seen on CCTV video inside the Belgian capital’s main airport this morning — just minutes before two bombs tore through the terminal building.

The man seen wearing dark glasses, a black hat and white shirt, is seen calmly pushing a luggage trolley next to his alleged accomplices — who have gloves on their left hands – seemingly to hide triggers for their explosive vests. It’s believed those two men blew themselves up around 8am inside Zaventem’s check-in area, right near the service desks. Police say the third man left a nail bomb right before being spotted running from the terminal. 14 people were killed in the departures hall.

The two other terrorists – who detonated themselves – have been identified as Belgian brothers Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui.

ISIS terrorists Brussels attack 2

The manhunt for Najim Laachraoui  – known as the ‘man in white’ – continues on Wednesday as he is believed to be an expert ISIS bombmaker.

Laachraoui is suspected of rigging up the suicide vests that the two brothers used in the Brussels attack as well as the bombs used by the Paris terrorists that murdered 130 in November.

It’s unclear if that third Laachraoui is the same person behind the deadly explosion at Maelbeek Metro station, just 79 minutes later. At about 9:19AM, a single explosion ripped apart a three-carriage train – killing 20 people. It’s unclear if that explosion was from a planted bomb or a suicide bomber.

Commuters were on their way to work – taking the Metro Line- when the blast shook the underground station, close to the EU quarter- The Daily Mail reports. Nearly 200 people were injured in the bombing attacks this morning.

Experts believe that  “Given the location and the nature and the use of explosives and guns the thought process goes down the page of assuming it’s linked to the organized network around Abdeslam.”

Salah Abdeslam, is the fugitive terrorist who was recently captured for his role in the Paris massacre four months ago.  The explosions in Brussels came just one day after the Interior Minister warned of possible “revenge attacks” for the arrest of Abdeslam last week.

Rafaello Pantucci, the Director of International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute, said “the use of ‘multiple, viable explosive devices’ bore all the hallmarks of the co-ordinated bomb attacks that killed 130 in the French capital.”

Meantime, police continue to carry out anti-terror raids as Belgium’s Foreign Minister announced that many suspects are still at large. During a raid in the Schaerbeek-area, officers discovered another nail bomb, “chemical products” and an ISIS flag, inside an apartment there.

Brussels is on lockdown as these raids continue and as police try to  track down the terror cell behind these  latest attacks, that seem all too familiar. The city was heavily criticized in the aftermath of the Paris attacks after it was discovered the mastermind came from there..

Security services have been searching through hours of CCTV footage, which reportedly shows at least one bomber at the moment he detonated his suicide belt.  A Kalashnikov and third unexploded suicide belt were also found in the rubble at the airport.

Some of the survivors say they heard shouts in Arabic before the explosions which “sent shockwaves through the terminal building, shattering windows, knocking roof tiles off the ceiling and sending terrified passengers running for their lives.”

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