Two in critical condition after National Guard truck crashes on highway

A M1157 A1P2 MTV from the 204th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade after crashing on U.S. Route 40 near the Strawberry Reservoir. (Utah Highway Patrol)

The Utah National Guard has been working hard to help the U.S. Forest Service clear fallen trees from roads at the Strawberry Reservoir -sixty miles east of Provo, Utah.

More that 500 soldiers from multiple National Guard units are being utilized for the mission, including the 1457th Engineer Battalion using explosives to quickly take down the trees.

At around 7:00 a.m. yesterday a MTV (M1157 A1P2) dump truck from the  204th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade was traveling down U.S. Route 40 -about four miles north of the Strawberry Reservoir, when it crashed into a Chevrolet pickup truck -rolling the MTV off the road.

According to KSL,  Utah Highway Patrolman Sgt. Todd Royce said the soldiers driving the MTV could not see the Chevrolet on the upcoming intersection due to heavy fog -creating low visibility.

“From my understanding, they were kind of surprised that intersection was coming up as quickly as it did,” he said.

The soldiers were fortunate to only suffer minor injuries during the vehicle rollover -which have been known to cause many military fatalities- but the two passengers in the pickup truck had to be transported to a local hospital by helicopter.

KSL reported that the people inside the pickup were a man and a woman believed to be in the 50’s. They are listed as in critical condition but it is not known if their injuries are life threatening.

The Utah National Guard said their mission started on June 4th and is part of their annual training.

“Utah National Guard extends concern and sympathy to those affected in this unfortunate accident and is cooperating fully with local authorities in the investigation,” the Utah National Guard said in a statement.

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