Turkey’s proxy militias accused of executing Kurds on video

Militia members aligned with the Turkish government are reportedly ethnically cleansing the northern Syrian countryside of Kurds- and leaked video footage seems to offer credibility to the accusations.

When Turkish President Erdogan initiated Operation Peace Spring, Turkish troops pushed deep into Syria, utilizing conventional troops and allied militias.

Following the start of the October 9 offensive, militias began executing restrained prisoners, praising their respective god as they did so. One of the prisoners killed was Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf, who was reportedly raped and stoned before her body was desecrated.

According to the Daily Mail, mass executions took place on Motorway #4 around the same time, with one group killing nine unarmed people along the road.

The Turkish-backed militias are believed to be primarily comprised of Syrian Arabs who have long disliked the Kurds almost as much as Turkey has, with both factions claiming the ethnic group is a major contributor to terrorism.

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) are often considered an offshoot of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) a group that sought to set up an independent Communist state and that has been in conflict with the Turkish government since the 1980s.The PKK is also blacklisted in the US and EU.

While many Kurdish groups are heavily left-wing in nature and often espouse ideologies better suited to the era of the Cold War, the ethnic group has been instrumental in fighting ISIS, even when the Islamic State was a powerhouse player in the region.

The Kurds have been particularly bitter about the US withdrawal from the region, going so far as to throw foreign objects at departing American vehicles and denounce the USA.

A large Kurdish population inhabits several cities in the USA, with the largest concentration being in Nashville, Tennessee.

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