Trump’s Press Secretary demands apology from those who said SEAL mission was a failure

White House press secretary Sean Spicer speaks during the daily press briefing, Wednesday.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is demanding an apology on behalf of the Navy SEAL killed in the hill faded Yemen raid, implying that anyone who does not agree that the mission was a success owes an apology to the fallen sailor.

The incendiary comment came after a reporter commented on Senator John McCain’s comments about the raid, prompting Spicer to say that “Anyone who undermined successive that raid owes an apology and [does] a disservice.”

The Senator’s comments on the rate implied that it was not a success due to the loss of life and property, namely the death of one Navy SEAL and the loss of a $75 million MV-22 Osprey- a strategic cost considered too high for the former US Naval Officer and ex-Prisoner of War who knows a thing or two about sacrifice.

During the January 29 raid, Navy SEAL William Owens was killed during a firefight and several other operators were injured after an MV-22 Osprey made a hard landing.

Spicer lashed out at McCain, although not directly mentioning him.

Owens was killed during the ensuing firefight when Navy SEAL team was ambushed on their way to their target, resulting in a fierce battle involving small arms, close air support and grenades.

In addition to the American losses, US Central Command that civilians may have been hit by supporting fire from an aircraft attempting to assist American troops.

According to Fox News, acting State Department spokesman Mark Toner weighed in on the reports, saying that “The United States conducts operations consistent with international law and in coordination with the government of Yemen. We will not relent in our mission to degrade, disrupt and destroy” Al Qaeda and ISIS.

Senator McCain claims he did not criticize the raid, recalling a time when he was a POW and American troops risked their lives attempting to rescue him.

“Unfortunately, the prison had been evacuated. But the brave men who risked their lives in an effort to rescue us prisoners of war were genuine American heroes,” he said in an interview with NBC. “Because the mission failed did not in any way diminish their courage and willingness to help their fellow Americans who were held captive. Mr. Spicer should know that story.”


  • Andy Wolf

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