Triple amputee vet tested for explosives, invasively searched by TSA after landing for rally

The TSA is under scrutiny by the public again, this time conducting an invasive frisking on triple-amputee Brian Kolfage, the Air Force veteran who attempted to fund the building of a US-Mexico border wall through private fundraising.

Kolfage, who was severely wounded after Iraqis struck his air base with rockets during a 2004 deployment, was seen on video as TSA agents patted him down vigorously and swabbed him for explosives.

Since that fateful day, the Florida native has made a name for himself as the individual who raised tens of millions to fund a section of border wall between US and Mexico.

Kolfage was on his way home from a “We Build The Wall” rally in Arizona when was given “the treatment” at Tucson International Airport.

While many of Kolfage’s supporters were outraged by the incident, the medically retired veteran was a little more level headed, according to the Daily Mail.

“It’s unfortunate that every time I travel I get a full search and swabbed for explosives. It’s the times we live in,” he said of the incident. “I understand the security concerns but it’s not TSA’s fault, it’s the policy makers in DC who have no clue what the real world is like; it’s a joke. It’s the same people who think there’s no issue at our border.”

Kolfage often is able to avoid being groped by TSA by flying via the Veteran Airlift Command, a non-profit that helps severely disabled veterans skip the latex glove touch-line through a national network of volunteer pilots and aircraft owners.

“It’s amazing how our government is so worried about airport security with a triple amputee veteran in a wheelchair but every day thousands of illegals are coming into our nation unchecked and killing Americans,” he said. “I guess they turn a blind eye to them like they have to all the angel families.”

Kolfage’s crowdfunding campaign fell short of it’s $1 billion goal, but has since morphed into a non-profit to get sections of the border wall constructed.

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