Trial date set for Coast Guard officer accused of having “hit list”

A trial date has finally been set for the US Coast Guard officer who allegedly maintained a “hit list” of individuals he planned on taking out.

Lt. Christopher Paul Hasson, who previously served in the US Marine Corps and Army National Guard before receiving a commission in the US Coast Guard, has been scheduled to appear in US District Court in Greenbelt, Maryland, on October 21. His trial is scheduled to last for six days.

Hasson was working at the USCG Headquarters in DC as an acquisitions officer at the time of his February arrest, which came about after he inadvertently tipped off USCG officals by looking up extremist topics on his work computer, as well as frequenting extremist websites while on the job.

In 2017, Hasson reportedly wrote a letter to a “known American Neo-Nazi leader,” identifying himself as a “skinhead” since long before he joined the military decades ago.

“I never saw a reason for mass protest or wearing uniforms marching around provoking people with swastikas etc.,” Hasson wrote. “I was and am a man of action you cannot change minds protesting like that. However, you can make change with a little focused violence.”

In his communiques and manifestos that were later found alongside the collection of tools amassed to reportedly carry out his proposed attacks, Hasson stated that he wanted to stir up division in the USA.

“During unrest target both sides to increase tension,” he wrote. “In other words provoke gov/police to overreact which should help to escalate violence. BLM protests or other left crap would be ideal to incite to violence.”

According to, government officials labeled Hasson a “domestic terrorist” in court filings, and the lieutenant has been in custody since his arrest.

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  • Andy Wolf

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