Trans person trolls security guard, calls him a “chair force” stolen valor veteran

The Furry Potato has struck again, this time performing a free-speech “audit” at a Chevron petroleum facility in Los Angeles, harassing personnel and accusing one man of stolen valor.

Operating under the YouTube name “Furry Potato” (a reference to a hamster), transgender activist Zhoie Smith had previously “audited” a California Army Reserve base in Encino over the weekend, calling one non-commissioned officer “Star of the Sexy Time.”

While the Chevron facility isn’t technically a government facility (which is often the target for these audits), Smith had allegedly driven for a fuel transport service prior to being an “auditor.”

At one point, Smith appears to have disrupted traffic, attributing the vehicle disruption to the “power of the potato.”

Slinking around the facility from outside, Smith explains how fuel trucks work before she is confronted by employees who aren’t happy with her presence.

“Dumb dumb one and dumb dumb number two,” Smith says, antagonizing the employees.

When she hears that they are calling to cops, she instructs them to “tell them how sexy” she is, claiming that that will make the police arrive in a more expedient fashion.

Several employees begin questioning her presence, prompting her to claim she’s on public property. When they continue to call the police, Smith says that the police are more likely to kill a person than a terrorist.

After a while, one truck driver becomes irate, repeatedly asking Smith the purpose of the recording.

Eventually, the driver calls Smith a “dumbass” and drives off, prompting another employee to say that if he were the driver, he would have hit Smith with a truck, saying “I just came from the Iraq, you know?”

“You’re a terrorist!” the man added.

“Oh yeah?” Smith asked. “What are you a veteran of? The ‘chair force?’”

After laughing maniacally, Smith accuses the man of stolen valor.

“Stolen valor,” Smith shouted, “That’s against the law, sir!.”

When the man began to walk away, he asked “Stolen valor, where are you going?”

Smith continues to perform the “audits” in what seems to be an attempt to solicit donations required to complete gender reassignment surgery.

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