Transgender trolls Army Reserve base, hits on “high-speed sexy soldiers”

A strange and mildly uncomfortable “1st Amendment Audit” video has surfaced out of California, this time involving a very forward auditor and a non-commissioned officer who refused to call her “Mami.”

Published on March 12 by transgender activist Zhoie Smith, the video begins as Smith conducts an audit around the US Army Reserve Base in Encino, California.

“This was the Army Reserve base in Encino,” Smith wrote. “This was a great set of interactions and the Star of the Sexy Time was totally awesome.”

The “Star of the Sexy Time” was US Army Reserve Sergeant Reszetylo, who approached Smith after she had upset several reservists with the “audit.”

When asked why she was filming, Smith replied “Because it’s fun and you’re handsome.”

Smith then proceeded to tell the Sergeant that he could call her “Mami” and that she was going to masturbate to footage of him.

Zhoie Smith (Facebook)

Eventually, Reszetylo decided he had had enough and made his way back into the facility, with Smith staring at his hind end the entire way back.

Smith says she will keep “auditing” aka trolling military personnel and bases in hopes of receiving donations.

“I am Transgender woman and have just one more surgery needed to complete my transition,” she wrote. “Any help geared toward this goal would be greatly appreciated.”

It seems the internet has become to dull for professional trolls and the trend of physical trolling is growing, so expect them to be coming to a base near you.

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