Transgender Soldier explains what transgender people are to young children

A YouTube channel pitted small children with transgender military personnel in an informative or awkwardly inappropriate -depending on your opinion- Q&A session for all the world to see.

“Kids Meet a Transgender Soldier,” a video in the Kids Meet series by video publisher HiHo kids, featured Staff Sergeant Cathrine “Catie” Schmid as she sat down and talked to young children, answering their questions and expressing her opinions on the topic of being a transgender soldier.

Schmid tells the children she is a Staff Sergeant with twelve years of service, deployed to Iraq in 2013 and that she has about ten soldiers under her. When asked if she had a dangerous job, she simply said, “I’m in the Army.”

At one point, Schmid asked one child “do you know what it means to be transgender?” When the child said “no,” Schmid seemingly attempted to explain it as doctors not being able to identify one’s sex.

“You know when you’re born,” she began, “the doctor says ‘it’s a boy’ or ‘it’s a girl,’ and sometimes they’re wrong. Sometimes..when you get older, you realize that’s not right.”

Schmid reportedly determined she was transgender after coming back from Iraq, claiming she was scared to reveal her secret.

When asked if she “lost friends,” she responded that “they weren’t very good friends.”

One kid asked what her name was before she decided she was a woman, a question Schmid did not directly answer.

Schmid claimed her command tried to find discrepancies in her service, hoping to find a reason to kick her out.

In 2017, the Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier and the Seattle-based Gender Justice League filed a federal lawsuit seeking to reverse the ban on military service by transgender people.

Schmid was then asked by a small child if the Commander in Chief was one of the people trying to get her out of the military.

“There are people who are trying to make it very difficult for me to stay in,” the Staff Sergeant said.

“For example, maybe like Donald Trump?” the child asked, still of the age where one is losing baby teeth.

“What do you know about that?” she asked in response.

“He doesn’t really like women,” the little boy responded.

According to their page, Hiho Kids is about promoting “empathy through play,” and markets the channel as “a channel just for kids.”

Other videos include “Kids Meet a Draq Queen.”

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