Trans soldier helped mistress, kids move out of baby daddy’s house while wife’s body was in trunk of car

The family of the mistress, who was arrested at Fort Polk with the body of a soldier’s wife in the truck, has come forward in her defense.

Sarah Parker, 24, was driving with her two children, 22-year-old Corporal Logan Kyle and the body of Shelena Kyle -the wife of Logan Kyle -in the trunk of her car last month at the time of her arrest.

On Wednesday, sources gave opinions to Kyle’s motive for allegedly killing his wife, stating that he was trying to stop his wife from exposing his secret life as a cross-dresser who wanted to have a sex change operation.

But there has been very little information offered as to how Parker was involved in the murder other than that she was Kyle’s secret lover.

Her family has now come forward to claim that she did not willingly take part in any criminal activities surrounded the death of Shelena Kyle and was only doing so for fear of losing her life and her children’s’ lives.

Left: Corporal Kyle dressed as a woman (Credit: DailyMail TV) Right: Corporal Kyle with his wife Shelena in an undated Facebook picture.

“Logan Kyle said he would kill her and her kids — and probably me too,” Sarah’s father Jackie Parker told DailyMailTV in an interview at his home in unincorporated Moss Bluff, Louisiana.

Her father claims she was practically being held hostage by Kyle after he killed Shelena and claims she should be hailed a hero.  Police disagree, saying she was a willing participant and will proceed with appropriate charges.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso is confident that Parker was not threatened by Kyle and says he has evidence to prove it.

“I can’t go into that evidence but it shows there were events that transpired that absolutely do not include that she was threatened or coerced,” he told Daily Mail TV in an interview.

Parker’s aunt, Wanda Kerr, offered a contradictory account from a source she says is a local law enforcement officer.

“I can’t tell you who, but someone in law enforcement — not the lead detective — told a member of our family that Logan Kyle was definitely threatening her,” Kerr told DM TV.

“She was in fear not only for her life, but for the lives of her two young children.”

Authorities have still not given the official cause of death for Shelena, but most reports indicate she was strangled to death in her bathroom.  Kyle then drove an hour and a half to Sarah Parker’s father’s (Jackie) house with Shelena’s body in the trunk of his Nissan.

He spent most of the day helping Sarah move her things out of her two children’s father’s house to Jackie Parker’s house.

Eric Dayton (left), 23, the father of Parker’s (right) two children, is caring for the children while she is in custody. (Facebook)

Jackie says this is the first and only time he met Kyle -on the day he helped Sarah move her belongings.

“I didn’t know when I shook his hand is that he had used that very hand to kill his wife just hours earlier,” he said.

Army corporal arrested with wife’s body in trunk is a secret transsexual

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