Train hero Staff Sgt. Spencer Stone will not re-enlist in 2016

Staff Sgt. Spencer Stone’s enlistment is up in November and he plans to leave, unless he is medically discharged before then, “which is a high possibility” he said Wednesday in an interview with Air Force Times.

The Purple Heart and Airmen’s Medal for Heroism recipient was injured disarming a terrorist about to massacre dozens on a train heading to Paris back in August, was released from the hospital after being stabbed on October 8th, in a bar brawl in Sacramento, California, where he sustained life threatening injuries to his lung, liver, heart, and back. Police are looking for two assailants, described by Deputy Police Chief Ken Bernard as male Asian adults, said to have fled the scene in a car.  In November, police said they have arrested James Tran, 28, of Sacramento County for allegedly stabbing Stone

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Stone is in good spirits and is doing well appreciating the support from family members that are caring for him. He expressed gratitude in a press release, to everyone involved saying “Thanks very much to the first responders and the team here at UC Davis Medical Center for taking such good care of me” and “Thanks, also, to my amazing family and friends for their love and support. And, thanks to everyone who has sent encouragement during this challenging time. I’m focused now on healing and recovering and look forward to the next part of my journey.”

Despite the attack and his injuries keeping him from the gym and work, Stone has a positive attitude and is looking forward to pursuing a degree in international relations at the University of California Los Angeles or the University of Southern California. He said that the events of this year have inspired him to get an international relations degree and further explore his interest in other cultures and countries. He shared about his experience after the attack, and meeting people like Jane Hartley, the U.S. ambassador to France.

He is scheduled to begin Airman Leadership School on Jan. 8; training for non-commissioned officers to learn to lead others returning from active duty. He is remaining open to the possibility of returning to active service.

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