Tourists caught disrespecting WWII memorial on social, this is their reminder of war sacrifices

Call us crazy, but it seems that there is something about the ability to post images of ourselves on the internet that brings out the worst in human beings. From vile criminals committing heinous acts of violence to pumpkin spice latte-chugging basic girls doing yoga on a Holocaust monument, these narcissistic displays of tastelessness serve as a brief glimpse into the window of a person’s true self- one they deemed suitable to post where the entire world can see them.

Sadly, this kind of behavior is not only seemingly acceptable, it isn’t at all uncommon. From misbehaving in Arlington National Cemetery to Dakota Access Pipeline protesters spraying “#NODAPL” on the pillar that represents the state of North Dakota, it seems that common sense, decency and above all, class, are lost to the post-Instagram world.

To combat the lack of taste and tact that took place at the Holocaust Memorial, Israeli-German writer/artist/comedian Shahak Shapira photo-shopped the offending selfie-takers by superimposing their images into historical photos of the Holocaust.

Inspired by Shapira’s work, the crew of Popular Military set forth to present our own unique take on this pitiful phenomena of terrible tourists at one of our favorite memorials in the US- the National World War II Memorial.

Seriously, America. We are better than this.

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