Top ten worst military camouflage patterns

Chief of Army Lieutenant General (LTGEN) Ken Gillespie, talks with personnel about clothing and equipment at a Patrol Base in the Chora Valley. Photo by SGT Brent Tero. Mid Caption Chief of Army Lieutenant General (LTGEN) Ken Gillespie visited the Middle East Area of Operations with the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Army, Warrant Officer, Stephen Ward. During the visit they met with soldiers based at the Kandahar Airfield and soldiers at the Multinational Base at Tarin Kowt. LTGEN Gillespie was also able to spend time talking with soldiers operating out of various Patrol bases in the Baluchi, Chora and Mirabad Valleys during his visit. Deep Caption: Operation SLIPPER is Australia's military contribution to the international campaign against terrorism, piracy and improving maritime security. Under this operation our forces contribute to the efforts of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) - led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan. ISAF seeks to bring security, stability and prosperity to Afghanistan and aims to prevent Afghanistan again becoming a safe haven for international terrorists. Operation SLIPPER also supports the United States led International Coalition Against Terrorism (ICAT) in the broader Middle East.

If there was ever something to set military of the world apart, it would be uniforms. From brightly-colored dress uniforms to different types of digital camo, soldiers all over the globe tend to take a second glance at the duty wear of their international counterparts.

Just like most clothing choices, some decisions are better than others. Here are some camouflage decisions militaries made that just missed the mark.

10: China

Chinese Marines wear a bizarre blue digital pattern. Originally, the uniform was not digitized and looked even more strange. Given the population of China, an all out assault from these guys would resemble a blue wave coming at you from over the horizon.


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