Top Ten Military Call Signs

Not every pilot can be called Maverick, Iceman or Goose. Here’s a list of the top ten call signs as compiled by the guys at the Naval Safety Center. (List said to be in no particular order.)

10. Capt. Jerry “Pagan” Temple
9. Capt. Walter “Numb” Scull
8. Lt. Shane “Wasted” Tallant
7. Cdr. (then Ltjg.) Paul “Water” Mallon (VF-151, mid-’70s)
6. Lt. Pete “Rebel” Yelle
5. LCdr. Dan “Undra” Cheever
4. LCdr. Tom “Goat” Huerter (Tie with Lt. Ken “Goat” Farmer)
3. LCdr. Chris “Tread” Saufley
2. Lt. Mark “Mutha” Hubbard
1. Lt. Tom “Butts” Tench

Bonus call sign: Lt. Chuck “Dingle” Berry, VA-155 from ’89-’93

(Source: Naval Safety Center website / released.)


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