Top Pentagon official resigns amid sexual harassment allegations

Guy Roberts (U.S. Department of Defense)

A high-ranking nuclear defense official at the Pentagon resigned following allegations that he sexually harassed female staff members.

Stepping down on April 2, Guy Roberts served as the assistant defense secretary for nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs for the Defense Department.

Roberts denies that he forced hugs and kisses upon his female staff members.

“I am surprised and dismayed by the conclusions contained in the report,” Roberts wrote in a statement. “Specifically, that I sexually harassed and inappropriately touched the three employees and others.”

While he denied the physical contact, he admitted he told off-color jokes but had done so for decades and relied on his staff to tell him when enough was enough.

“I have been telling those jokes and funny incidents for over 30 years to audiences large and small,” Roberts wrote. “In today’s work place the fact that any one person would feel uncomfortable is enough to stop telling those kinds of jokes and I failed to appreciate that fact.”

According to the New York Post, one woman claimed Roberts would push his crotch against her.

“She stated: ‘I just, I wanted him to stop paying attention to me, and I wanted him to think I wasn’t attractive. I mean I consciously thought about what I was wearing and how I was behaving,” according to the report.

The Pentagon inspector general interviewed Roberts and 18 other employees.

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