Tom Hanks calls Royal Marine amputee a p**sy on the red carpet

Actor Tom Hanks is known for his accuracy in military films, be it playing a tired Ranger Captain in Saving Private Ryan to the films he finances and supports.

Though not a former military man himself, he seems to know a sure-fire way to “prove” one’s service:

Front leaning rest position, move!

Yes, Tom Hanks did, infact, make someone push at this year’s red carpet event for the film The Post.

Hanks had an encounter with former-Royal Marine and Forces TV presenter Cassidy Little, who lost his leg while serving in Afghanistan in 2011, on the red carpet.

Upon meeting, he immediately ordered Little (whose missing leg may not have been visible) to the ground for 25 pushups, to which Little happily obliged.

“Come on, do it, you pussy,” Hanks shouted sarcastically. “Are you a veteran or not?”

When asked how he seems to “get it right” with military films, Hanks said that he just tries to keep it about the men and women who took part.

“We’re not interested in the myths,” he said. “We’re interested in the men and women. There are small, little details that go into every one of these stories and ultimately it’s about human behaviour.. conquering fears, about ordinary people volunteering to do the extraordinary.”

Hank’s film The Post is a re-telling of when The Washington Post tried to release the Pentagon Papers, classified documents related to the Vietnam War.

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