That time it took six military policemen to take down one infantryman

US Army Infantrymen are hard to take down- be it by the enemy or the Military Police.

Such was the case in May of last year at Camp Humphreys, South Korea, when a US Army Infantryman was asked by a Military Policeman to get out of a taxi.

“Sir, get out of the car!” the MP demanded. “Now!”

“NO!” the infantryman shouted as he became combative.

As his fellow grunts cheered him on, the soldier needed five MPs to subdue him, all while other soldiers on the scene contemplated helping him out and hurled insults.

Finally, one man demanded the video be shut off, which ended the video.

While the clip was posted to U.S Army W.T.F! Moments, where is has been sitting with only a few views.

Given the hilarity of the video, we think that’s pretty criminal.

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