Tim Kennedy reenlists in Army Special Forces because “Mattis is in command”

Eccentric MMA superstar and Green Beret Tim Kennedy is so stoked to have General Mattis and President Trump in charge that he’s re-enlisting, telling reporters that he’s “pumped” to work under the new Commander in Chief and SecDef.

The 37-year-old MMA fighter -who has a 24-6 record- said he decided to re-enlist with the Army Special Forces after the President was elected in November of last year.

The move exposes Kennedy’s latest step in what was simply a bigger plan to reenlist, just months after he announced his retirement from MMA fighting in January.

A married father of two, Kennedy live streamed his re-enlistment jump on Facebook, for all the world to see.

“I love what I do,” he told TMZ in a video interview. “I think people like to do the things they’re made to do.”

When asked if the election results and appointment of Mattis as SecDef influenced his decision to reenlist, Kennedy made no attempt to hide that this was in fact the case.

“Absolutely. I was waiting until November to decide if I was going to re-enlist,” he said. “November rolled around and the results came in.”

Once Kennedy got word that Mattis and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster were working in the Pentagon and NSA, he got excited, despite not always agreeing with President Trump.

“Man,” he said with enthusiasm, “I’m pumped to work for these guys.”

The former MMA fighter has been impressed with the almost Untouchables-style of “He pulls a knife, you pull a gun” responses to critical incidents that the current administration has shown.

“It’s a stark contrast,” he chirped. “You know, it’s like, you drop some chemical weapons on some kids and women, we’re gonna shoot 60 tomahawk missiles at your face.”

He also reflected on social media how the US dropped a MOAB bomb on the exact location where a Green Beret had been killed in Afghanistan.

“If you are lucky enough to kill a Special Forces operator, the possibility of us dropping the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever made on you should be the least of your concerns,” he wrote as a caption for a photo of him running with a knife. “There is a vengeance and wrath associated with the loss of one of our brothers. May God have mercy on your soul because we are coming and we will have none to give. “

Kennedy’s reenlistment jump live stream video has accrued over 179 thousand views.

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