Threatening hate-filled note left on US Army vet’s car

Minnesota U.S. Army vet and Purple Heart recipient Thomas Keane is proud of his 24 years of service.

He says whenever he’s out and about in town people are always saying ‘thanks for your service’ when they see the military stickers adorning his car.

That wasn’t the reaction, however, from at least one person who decided to target Keane because of his military background.

Keane says he got scared after a threatening note was  left on his car. Police don’t yet know who wrote the note – but they are pretty sure about the motivation behind it.

A military flag flies on Keane’s porch and one day- as he was shutting his garage door- he noticed the letter on his windshield.

In bright orange letters the note read: “u US soldier..  u kill r brothers… u leave here now.”

Hate letter

The disturbing note was left outside Keane’s home in St Cloud  — a community that’s been dealing with “growing racial tensions” — according to FOX9 News.

Leaders of Unite Cloud, a local anti-hate group, want to turn this into a learning experience.

Keane says his time abroad with the military taught him to be very accepting of other cultures. He says you must be “open-minded and open- hearted,  but always cover your six.”

The Army vet certainly does have plenty of people out there who have his back. Fellow veteran Jonathan Ksepka shared the note on Facebook– to make veterans and service members aware of the threats being made in the area. The post has already been shared over 10,000 times.

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