This “soldier” takes Stolen Valor to another level and most people play along with it

(Facebook/Michael Wright)

He drinks way too much, drops F-bombs in almost every sentence, and loves wearing his uniform in public way too much.  At a glance, Michael Wright seems like any other young private serving in the United States Army.

But he is really a resident of Perth, Australia who is well known for playing Army, embracing the role of a drunken Private who is devoid of all sense or reason. From cussing to drinking in uniform and riding his bike wearing PTs, there likely isn’t much this special little soldier won’t do to get thanks for his imaginary service.

Wright has even gone as far as photoshopping himself into photos of combat troops, as well as inserting himself three times into the same photo (which ironically featured a quote by George Washington concerning “imposters of pretended patriotism”).

Last year, Wright posted a photo of himself lying in stasis, with the Stars and Stripes draped over his body -pretending to be a soldier who committed suicide.

(Facebook/Michael Wright)

Humorously enough, most veterans and service members who know of Wright don’t actually hate him- instead, they frequently opt to play along in order to entertain themselves.  Many veterans thank him for his “loyal service” to the US Army.

While his Facebook page has since been removed, his antics have not. He still releases more entertaining, as well as very disturbing, content through other social media channels -mostly YouTube.

YouTube video

Times are changing. While some groups of people are becoming ever more sensitive, the veteran and military community is not one of them.

So, you keep doing you, Michael. After all, inside of every Australian is an American trying to get out.  Let’s just hope your stunts don’t get any more offensive than your latest -or not.

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