“This man can’t stop lying”: Acquitted SEAL claims US Rep. Dan Crenshaw tried to sell him out while he was awaiting trial

Source: Instagram/US Congress

Acquitted accused war criminal and retired Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher has broken his silence concerning fellow SEAL veteran-turned-US Congressman Dan Crenshaw, with the former stating that the latter actively tried to interfere with Gallagher’s right to a fair trial.

In yet another incident that has come out in a critique of Crenshaw, Gallagher claimed he did not want to break his silence on the matter but now feels that he had no choice.

“I’ve got something to say that I’ve been holding on to for about four and a half years now,” Gallagher said in a video posted to Instagram. “I have tried to deal with this internally, but it has been weighing me down for some time.”

According to Gallagher, when he was being tried in 2018 for the fatal stabbing of an injured 17-year-old ISIS prisoner in Mosul, Iraq, Crenshaw actively worked to ensure he stayed in prison, rather than being released from prison.

On July 2, 2019, Gallagher was convicted of posing for a photograph with the corpse of an ISIS fighter, but was acquitted of all other charges, including the alleged murder charge.

Gallagher claims he and his brother had requested help from Crenshaw, but were repeatedly told by the lawmaker that he would “see what he could do.”

While Crenshaw is credited as being one of the several lawmakers that requested Gallagher be released into limited confinement so that he could actively work on his defense case.

However, as time went on, Gallagher claimed that he was informed that Crenshaw not only allegedly dragged his feet on the matter, but actively warned lawmakers petitioning to release Gallagher to not get involved.

“He decided to write his own petition, pretty much saying to keep me in prison, but just to let me see my lawyers- which are rights I should have already had in the first place,” Gallagher stated.

Gallagher went on to note that after he was acquitted of all but one charge and allowed to retire from the United States Navy, he went to a book signing in DC, in which he saw Dan Crenshaw walking down the hall.

When Gallagher approached Crenshaw, the latter allegedly turned his head to the ground and walked past him, refusing to acknowledge Gallagher.

The incident is one of many that Gallagher outlines in the nearly twelve-minute video, which includes a text to retired Navy SEAL David Goggins, in which Crenshaw refers to Gallagher as a “piece of sh*t.”

“This man can’t stop lying,” Gallagher said.

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