This Aussie Marine keeps going viral for beating a US Marine

A video of a female Australian Soldier beating a male US Marine in an overhead weighted plate has gone viral, though not everything is as it seems.

The video, which has been shared countless times, shows a friendly competition between a shapely female soldier of Australia’s military competing against a rather well-built United States Marine.

As the competition begins, the two lift heavy-weight rack plates over their heads, seeing who can keep it above their head the longest.

YouTube video

Despite his best efforts, the male eventually loses.

But how? Well, it appears to come down less to strength and more to the nature of physics and basic body mechanics.

‘Admittedly this strength test is somewhat advantageous to women,” one user commented in regards to the video. “Due to their elbow flexibility they can more easily keep the arm perfectly straight. Many men would struggle holding the arm completely straight even without a load. This is well exemplified in Olympic lifting where women’s lower to upper arm angle is often >180 degrees at lockout. Also the greater weight of a man’s arm works against him holding a weight overhead. Nevertheless, it’s awesome seeing a not very large woman performing a great feat of strength endurance.”

Additionally, many pointed out that the female soldier locked her arms in place, which would have otherwise disqualified her had nobody noticed at the moment of the event.

“She might not be stronger than him, but she is miles smarter,” another user said. “As soon as she locked out her elbows, it was game over for him.”

If the video looks familiar, it’s likely because it has “gone viral” several times over the past few years, likely due to the small stature of the female soldier.

The original video was posted in 2021 to Facebook and has over 1.7 million views.

Dubbed the “Mother of Diggers, Khaleesi of Australian Soldiers”, the female was identified as Steffani Grace, who has a large Instagram following due to her fitness posts.

Steffani Grace (Instagram)

Despite having only 63 posts under her belt, Grace has over 35,900 Instagram followers.

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