Thirst trap or real? Air Force TikTok star is looking for a husband

Security Forces Airman Hannah Hapton (TikTok/Instagram)

Aside from being well known for mining data, the Chinese social media app TikTok has also been a magnet for young women seeking attention and/or fame- and that includes servicemembers.

Despite the security risks involved with the app [to the point where it is not allowed on Department of Defense devices and banned in several nations], members of the military -particularly have been posting on the app, creating content that some have dubbed “thirst traps.”

One such servicemember is Hannah Haptonstall, a US Air Force Security Forces officer, was featured in the Navy YouTuber’s latest MilTok video, titled “MILITARY THIRST TRAPS ON CHINAS APP TIK TOK.”

Despite having arguably more wholesome content than other “thirst trap” servicemembers, her “finding a husband” content begs the question of whether she is hoping for love or more followers.

@hannah.hapton patience is key but ya ig: hannah.hapton #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #love #country ♬ original sound – Libby Humeniuk

“Dear future husband, you’re probably out there making someone very happy right about now, so hope you’re having great life experiences but I can’t wait to meet you,” she wrote in a post.

With the Airman’s over 191,700 followers on the platform and a decent following on Instagram, it’s hard to believe she doesn’t have many suitors in her “DMs.”

But at least for now, the Oregon native seems to be content with being a single dog mom of three.

@hannah.hapton It’s not normal supposedly and it should be😂 ig: hannah.hapton #fypシ #dog #dogmom #foryou ♬ Wild One (2007 Remaster) – Faith Hill

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