Think the AR is scary? This legal firearm can mow down bad guys too

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As a loud minority of Americans call for the ban of the AR15 (which seems to have become more of a buzz word than the abbreviation of ArmaLite 15), that very same demographic seems to forget that the firearms industry is kind of like an E-4 in the military- if you tell them they can’t do something, they’ll find a way around it.

Enter the Black Aces DT-12: an 8.5″-Barreled 12 Gauge that feeds from a magazine and can really ruin some evildoer’s day.

Note we didn’t call it a “shotgun,” despite being chambered in 12-gauge, the DT-12 is not a shotgun, nor is it a rifle. Heck, it’s not even a pistol. Technically, it’s just a “firearm” in the eyes of the Department of Justice and the National Firearms Act.

Legal in all but two states (New York and California, surprise, surprise), the DT-12 provides the end-user with the ability to conceal and deploy with maximum effectiveness, utilizing magazines for quick reloads and keeping lead going downrange.

Whether you’re defending your home, protecting your car or being charged by a grizzly, the DT-12 has something for the whole family- and it would never have been invented had the legal system not implemented some silly law for indigenous Americans to circumvent.

After all, finding a way around restrictions is one of the most American activities around.

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