Thieves steal belongings of Marine KIA in Iraq from church

Last week, thieves in Florida stole a storage trailer that contained the belongings of a Marine, who was killed in action in Iraq.

According to FOX News, the stolen storage trailer belonged to Keith Dougherty, whose son Scott died in Iraq 11 years ago.

Daugherty Trailer

“It feels like he died all over again,” Dougherty, 61, told FOX News on Sunday.

Dougherty said he received a call on Wednesday notifying him that his storage trailer, which he parked behind a church, had been stolen.

Dougherty, who is a maintenance supervisor at the church, kept Scott’s belongings as well as documents like tax returns, medical records, and Christmas decorations in the trailer.

“His boots, his uniforms, his battle fatigues…It means nothing to nobody but it means something to me and my daughter,” Dougherty said.

Scott Dougherty, a Lance Corporal in the Marines Corps, was killed by a bomb near Al Anbar Province in July 2004. The explosion killed four other Marines.

“He didn’t make it,” Dougherty said. “After the second explosion, they had to use DNA to find out who was who.”

Keith Dougherty said he kept Scott’s belongings in black duffel bags which he stored in the trailer.

“It was like a time capsule if you want to call it that,” Dougherty told FOX News.

Scott and Keith Dougherty
Scott and Keith Dougherty

Even though Dougherty filed a report with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, the trailer can’t be entered into the state and federal theft database because he never registered the vehicle.

“They can have the trailer and everything else, just let me have the military stuff,” Dougherty said. “That’s all I ask.”


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