“There are people…advancing on our property:” Spec. Ops. soldier who killed a Russian at his home been identified as a colonel, 911 call released

The Army Special Operations Soldier who shot and killed a Chechen-Russian man outside his home in North Carolina earlier this month has been identified as a colonel and the 911 call made by his wife has been released.

On Thursday, the Moore County Sheriff’s Office released 911 recordings made by the colonel’s wife from her home in Carthage.

The two 911 calls are from May 3rd and relate to the shooting of 35-year-old Ramzan Daraev.

“There is an intruder on our property. My husband has gone to meet him, is now talking to him, and yelled to me from the wood line to call the police,” the wife of the colonel said. “He’s been very aggressive.”

After trying to find out more information, the dispatcher told her that they were dispatching deputies.

“I’m going to get help on the way, OK? Do you feel safe disconnecting?” the dispatcher said. “Do you want to call me back if anything changes on him?”

In the second released phone call, the wife was audibly more distressed.

“There are people, like advancing on our property,” she said.

“This person is from, this person is from Chechnya,” she added.

“He’s from out of country?” the dispatcher asked.

“He’s from Chechnya. He came up on our poverty line. My kids are in the backyard,” she said. “He’s taking pictures of our property. My husband is, he’s a military specialist. He’s trained and he knows what he’s doing, but I really need some police presence here.”

“He’s taking pictures of your property?” the dispatcher asked.

“Of our children, of our property,” she replied.

A press release posted on Utilties One’s Facebook, on Sunday, claims the victim, Daravev was “performing pole surveys as part of an ongoing engineering design project for deploying fiber infrastructure in Carthage.”

The release also claimed the Moore County Sheriff’s Office nor any other government officials have reached out to Utilities One for information regarding this incident.

Daraev was reported to have been working as a subcontractor for Utilities One, a company based in New Jersey, but investigators say he didn’t have any utility equipment, utility clothing, or identification.

Investigators are still working to verify his official employment status.

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