The Real Reason Bin Laden Death Photos Not Released?

It’s one of the most frustrating decisions made by the Obama administration (an administration filled with frustrating decisions), but the White House’s decision not to release the Bin Laden death photos is near the top. Bin Laden was America’s most reviled villain since Hitler, responsible for the killings of thousands of Americans in the most spectacular terror attack in history. Many thought Obama had a secret soft place in his heart for Osama. The official word was that the photos were gruesome enough as to incite others to commit terror attacks against the United States in retribution. A single gunshot wound to the head with some brains spilling out was cited. Yet, the gruesomeness could be a lot worse, according to Jack Murphy, an Army Special Operations veteran. Murphy claims Bin Laden’s body was riddled with over a hundred bullets as Navy SEALs took their turn exacting justice and revenge. Really? That would be great and all the more reason to release the photos to show the world what happens to people who mess with the good ole United States of America, in our humble opinion! Read more at



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