Terrorist who beat, shot US Navy Sailor to death is arrested in Greece

The father of the US Navy Sailor killed when his TWA flight was hijacked in the 1980s recently discovered that one of the alleged perpetrators has been arrested- digging up painful memories of the past.

While aboard TWA Flight 847 in 1985, Navy Steelworker 2nd Class Robert Stethem was brutally beaten and shot to death before being dumped onto the tarmac by men with ties to Hezbollah, a brutal beginning to a 17-day hostage crisis for the remaining 146 passengers.

Now, Mohammed Saleh, a man suspected of doing the deed, was arrested Thursday on the Greek island of Mykonos.

For Stethem’s father, Richard Stethem, the news of the arrest was bittersweet.

“There’ll never be closure,” Stethem’s father said. “If it’s him, it’s good. But there will never be a closure. It took our hearts away.”

According to the New York Post, Saleh was caught while attempting to clear a security checkpoint last Thursday.

Despite the news, the Stethem family remains cautious.

“That’s all we can do is hope that they bring him back if it’s him. We’ve been hoping for a long time,” he said. “They said they’ll always go after them, they’ll never forget. And I believe them.”

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