Teen stabbed to death over Hooters girl two weeks before shipping out to Marines

Thomas Erdmann (right) was killed during an altercation over his girlfriend Haley Hutto (left). Photo credit: Facebook

A nineteen-year-old in Florida died on Monday morning after being stabbed multiple times during an altercation.

Thomas Erdmann, of Fernandia Beach, died in surgery at a hospital just a couple weeks before he was set to ship off to the Marine Corps.

Police have charged 22-year-old Zachary Fila with first degree murder of Erdmann. According to reports from Fernandina Beach police, the two men knew each other and had been feuding over a girl for several weeks.

Zachary Fila
Zachary Fila

Haley Hutto, a Hooters waitress, said she was in a relationship with Erdmann and considered Fila to be a friend.

“It’s been hard because everybody’s pointing the finger at me like it’s my fault, and it’s not my fault for any of this. Zack and Tommy, they were not friends, and I was Tommy’s girlfriend, and whatever went on between Tommy and Zack was their own problems,” Hutto said.

Hutto admitted she had a fight with her boyfriend, Ermann, that night and left to go see Fila to vent about the fight.

“…a situation that ended tragically that both sides lost a friend, brother or son.. and y’all blaming me for this isn’t helping figure out why a situation couldn’t be handled to where my boyfriend who I’m very much in love with lost his life. And one of my good friends is going to prison for it,” said Hutto in a Facebook post.

“I just went home thinking that we just had a simple argument that it was just something like I said any relationship has,” Hutto said. “His last message that he sent to me is him telling me that ‘I love you, you are my first true love.'”

Police found Erdmann covered in blood in the driveway of his house.

A judge ordered no bond for Fila, who appeared Tuesday morning in court. The State Attorney’s Office said they will file formal charges in the coming weeks.

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