Syrian refugee butchers pregnant Polish woman to death in Germany

A pregnant Polish woman (left) was murdered after refusing the advances of a Syrian refugee in Germany (shown detained by police)

A Syrian refugee in Germany brutally hacked a pregnant Polish woman to death and injured two more people before being restrained by police.

According to the Daily Mail, the murder victim -identified only as 45-year-old divorcee and mother-of-four Jolanta K.- had lived in Reutlingen, Germany for a year after leaving her hometown in Poland.

Jolanta had worked as a cleaner before working at a kebab shop, where she would work for three months before she was murdered.

The attacker – a Syrian refugee named Muhamed- was a patron of the kebab store, where he apparently fell in love with her during the three-month span.

His love, however, was unrequited- Jolanta rejected his advances and other restaurant employees used force to evict Muhamed from the establishment for “weird” behavior, going so far as to lock him out.

Shunned, the attacked later carried out a revenge assault using a machete-type blade Sunday evening.

Police spokesman Bjoern Reusch reported that witnesses said the 21-year-old Syrian was having an argument with the woman, before attacking her around 4:30 in the evening.

“According to the information available, the perpetrator acted alone, the people of Reutlingen and its surroundings are very probably not in danger,” Reusch’s statement added.

The Syrian caused injuries to the pregnant woman’s head, as well as slashing a man in the face. In addition to injuring the two with a knife, he also banged on the window of a car, which resulted in an elderly woman being injured and a man going into shock.

It is currently surmised that a man passing the incident used his BMW to run the attacker over, knocking him to the ground and allowing him to be detained by police. The driver -who is named Alper- is believed to be the son of the restaurant owner.

Paramedics tried to save Jolanta but were unable to keep her alive.

One eyewitness claims that the Syrian was “out of his mind” and wantonly ran past a police cruiser as he pressed his attack.

Though the victim is dead, the Syrian attacker has a record of attacking people. The Police say he was injured by the BMW and is currently in the hospital- where he is under guard but has not been questioned yet.

Jolanta’s children, aged 8, 22, and 23, have arrived in Reutlingen to identify their mother’s body.


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