Syrian Army claims it found ISIS weapons cache full of U.S. weapons

The Syrian Army released a video of what they claim is a weapons cache full of U.S. manufactured weapons in Aleppo.

The cache belonged to the two notorious terrorist groups of ISIL and Fatah al-Sham Front (newly formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists group previously known as al-Nusra Front), according to the Iranian news agency, Fars.

The video footage shows Syrian Army solders opening containers with grenades, anti-tank TOW-2 missiles, mortar tubes, mortar tubes, artillery and other types of weapons and ammunition inside the depot.

The depot was discovered and destroyed by the Syrian officials after “intense intelligence operations”, a source told Fars.  The anonymous source claims the cache also included many “mid to small U.S. manufactured machine guns and long-ranger sniper weapons.”

Crates of Russian ammunition and weapons are also shown in the video, but the majority of the cache seems to be from the United States.

In June, Syrian officials reported finding a large cache full of U.S. manufactured weapons that were allegedly destined for terrorists in Damascus province.

Syria rebel social media channels have distributed numerous videos of US-made TOW missiles being used against Syrian forces over the past few months.

VideoSyrian T90 tank torched by anti tank missile direct hit

VideoMilitant takes two last minute steps to dodge TOW missile, saving his life

VideoRebels directly hit machine gunners with a anti-tank missile

VideoLarge group of Syrian soldiers blown sky high by TOW missile

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