Sunny Sweeney unites military veteran with lost ring

Sunny Sweeney was asked by her mother to help out her aunt by posting a ring she found in a hotel room on Facebook. Sweeny agreed right away, wanting to unite the military ring with its owner.

FOX News reported that the country singer expected the post to catch her reader’s attention, but did not expect to find the ring’s owner.

“My aunt found it and was talking to mom who said, ‘Sunny has lots of fans on Facebook,’ so they asked me to post it and I was like ‘Sure, of course,” she said. “I thought ‘Maybe, maybe not we’ll find the owner.

What she did not expect was to find the owner so quickly. Within one day of posting it on the social website, she was contacted.

Sweeney, shocked by the quick response, said, “This girl Allison writes me back literally within a day and says it’s her fiancé’s ring.”

She had the woman verify the initials as well as the inscription on the ring, which Sweeney deleted from the post. She immediately shipped the lost ring to its rightful owner.

“Her fiancé messaged me and he was like, ‘You don’t even understand. In two days, it’s the 10 year anniversary of my ship date to Iraq.’ And the day they got the ring in the mail, was his exact ship date,” said Sweeney. “I’m not all earthy and stuff, but you really truly can’t write that stuff.”

“I see this young guy in a soldier uniform and think, ‘Wow this day,’ it gives me a reality check and I’m in a bad mood but he’s fixing to go to Iraq maybe,” Sweeney said, who is married to a police officer. “The troops right now, law enforcement officials, they just need a moral boost because of everything going on.”

In another Facebook post Sweeney shared last October, she shared an intimate moment she captured at a Las Vegas airport of a stranger thanking a young soldier in uniform. That post went viral as well.


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