Suicide bomber detonates car bomb at California Air Force Base

A US Air Force Base in California was rocked by an explosion on Wednesday after a car breached the main gate of the base and detonated.

Travis AFB officials report that a vehicle gained “unauthorized access” to the facility Wednesday evening, exploding and killing the driver.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal crews and emergency units rushed to the scene after the explosion, discovering that the driver had perished in the blast.

An account from a witness was posted to an Air Force Facebook forum claims that the driver “came to the gate with propane tanks in his vehicle…started reaching for what looked like an I.D. card [and] started messing with a fuel ignition source to blow the propane tanks.”

“He stopped initially to confront the guard, but the [Security Forces] member screamed he had a bomb and ran for cover. The car then sped off and burst into flames,” the witness reported.

According to NBC, the FBI responded to the scene at about midnight, reinforcing Security Forces and the Farifield Police Department.

Fairfield police Lieutenant Greg Hurlbut is describing the incident as “a unique and unusual situation.”

While it was initially believed to be a bomb that went off, an EOD robot was dispatched to investigate and determined that the scene was safe, with no initial findings of conventional explosives in the vehicle.

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