Stranger helps Airman get home just in time to see her dad before he dies

A young woman in the US Air Force was assisted by a mystery man who helped her get home to her ailing father.

On April 2, Brittany Bunker was told that her father’s health was in steady decline and that he was not expected to live more than a few days.

“I talked to my leadership that night, and the next day, was able to take emergency leave and fly out,” she wrote on Facebook.

Scheduled for four flights, she left with her German Shepherd, which she claims is her service animal. Throughout the journey, she was plagued with delays, missed flights and re-assigning to other flights.

It was during the wait for her final flight that she met a tall, middle-aged man who had more in common with her than she could imagine.

“Before I boarded my second flight, a man came up to me because I had Shiva (she’s my service dog) and showed me pictures of his Malinois,” she recounted. “He told me he served in the National Guard and that he grew up around the same place I did.”

When she discovered her last flight was canceled, Bunker felt hopeless. Suddenly, the gentleman -who identified himself to her but wishes to remain anonymous- arranged that a professional driver pick Bunker and Shiva up in order to get them where they needed to go- a 5-hour journey.

“I was apprehensive at first, but he showed the receipts to the flight attendants and when the driver arrived, he sent them a picture of the car, the license plate and the driver,” she said.

“Before I left, he said all he wanted in return was for me to let him know I made it home. The driver drove me from Chicago Airport, almost 5 hrs to my front door. I got home about 3 AM on Wednesday, April 4,” she added. “I was able to get the man’s name and he had already given me his number. And I was informed about how much it cost him, which wasn’t a small amount.”

Ultimately, the man’s selflessness ensured that Bunker made it home to say goodbye to her father- who died the next day.

“There really are good people in this world,” she said. “I will never be able to thank him enough for what he did.”

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