“Storm Area 51” is now going to be a music festival near secret US military base

Over two million people have claimed they would help “Storm Area 51,” leading the creator of the social media event to announce an alien-themed music festival.

Originally a joke on Facebook known as “Storm Area 51– They Can’t Stop All of Us,” the plan was to (jokingly) take over Area 51 in Nevada. However, the joke soon took on a life of its own, and as the September deadline approached, it became clear that a new plan had to be taken to prevent the more serious of the RSVPers from being shot to pieces by Air Force and base security personnel.

Referred to as “Alien-Stock,” the festival will take place from September 20 to September 22, and will take place in the town of Rachel (population 50).

According to USA Today, the townsfolk aren’t too happy about the whole affair.

“A dubious group, known for chaotic events like Burning Man and the Las Vegas Electronic Music Festival has taken over this event,” the town’s website stated. “The residents were not asked and are not on board and will certainly not allow their town to be taken over by a bunch of drunken kids. This has a high potential of getting ugly.”

Famous Rachel landmarks, such as the Little A’le’Inn, have been swamped with calls and reservations.

The concert will take place as close as legally possible to the secretive Air Force base.

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