Stolen Valor: Fake sailor tries to pick up girls at college

Christopher Mulrooney, an Army veteran who served in Iraq where he earned a combat action badge, took action when he spotted an incident of stolen valor around the campus of Pierce College in Los Angeles.  Mulrooney, confronted a young man wearing a Navy Uniform incorrectly.  The alleged sailor was not wearing his cover outside, had his sleeves rolled up and his pants untucked.

The fraud also couldn’t prove he was in the service, nor was he willing. As the would-be sailor made his way around campus looking for ladies to hit on, Mulrooney followed him, recording his actions. Mulrooney contacted the campus authorities, which happens to be the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department.  Mulrooney reported that when the poser saw the patrol car he ran away before he could be spotted, showing his true color was not blue, but yellow.


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