Stolen Valor: Fake officer caught at Baltimore-Washington Airport


On 21 February 2015, Michael Cipriani is busted for wearing the uniform of a Commissioned Officer of the United States Army. The full story is on Guardian of Valor.

UPDATE (02MAR2015): After further investigation it was determined that the person in this video is actually Michael Cipriani’s sister, Kelsie Hoover.  Kelsie admitted to Guardian of Valor that she took her brother’s drivers license and uniform.

UPDATE (05MAR2015): This story has taken a very bizarre twist! According to Guardian of Valor, Kelsie and Michael are one and the same.  Michael Cipriani is Kelsie’s new identity after her gender reassignment to become a man.  She/he attempted to blame the Stolen Valor incident on her former self to avoid prosecution and shame.  New details to the story also include claims that she/he uses a wheel chair, while in uniform, to tell other she/he was shot in Afghanistan.


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