Stolen Valor: Fake Army Infantryman starts fight at bar

(Graphic Language)

A man wearing ACU’s without a name tape was caught stealing valor in Sunrise, FL.  He claimed to be an Army Infantry but said he went to basic training in Miami.  He soon realized the gig was up when he was told the only Army infantry training is at Fort Benning.  Then he preceded to instigate a fight by posturing and yelling “N*&%*r” and “Mother F*&%er.”  Eric, the one who posted the video, decribes the incident below:

“This guy was trying to pick up girls and get sympathy drinks in a battle ready uniform which wasn’t even on properly let alone, wearing it at a bar…so we asked a few basic questions which threw him off and couldn’t answer even where he got his infantry training or even boot camp for that matter…he’s a scum to America and we couldn’t let that fly”

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