Stolen Valor at the “Concert for Valor”

When it comes to stealing valor you have to be a bold piece of scum to attempt to steal valor at the largest concert for veterans on the one day that honors them. ┬áPatrick Huber, a U.S. Army Iraq war veteran confronted this man at the concert and it didn’t take long to find out it was a case of stolen valor. ┬áPatrick described the confrontation in this Facebook post:

“Today while at the concert for valor in DC I noticed this gentleman. As I approached him I noticed he had the wrong boots on with his uniform. After further inspection I noticed the name on the back of his cap did not match the name on his name tape. I also noticed the sign around his neck asking for money and the cup in his hand filled half full. I started a conversation with him and it took me about 3.5 second to realize I was dealing with a stolen valor issue at a concert to honor our veterans. He told me he was with the 54th infantry but couldn’t elaborate more on that. The first issue I found with that was he was wearing 3rd Infantry patches on his “uniform.” second was that he would have had to have fought in WW1, WW2, or Vietnam but his claim to have fought in desert storm pretty much knocked that out of the water. In 1987 2 battalion 54th Infantry (the only remaining regiment) was turned into a training unit at Fort Benning. Which brings me to the 3rd and biggest issues that the camo pattern for his uniform is not correct for desert storm. it was a current war camo pattern that was used until the ACU pattern was issued. This was a total disgrace and disgusting to say the least. I was so angry that i wanted to knock him out on the spot but instead i grabbed my camera and made sure everyone around him trying to give him money knew he was a fake! i hope you all will share this and help me expose this bastard!!!”


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