Stolen military gear from ‘most secure’ military installation found on Ebay

Selling military memorabilia, weapons, and uniforms is not regulated on the Internet but it stands to reason that stolen merchandise definitely should not be sold on E-Bay.

In breaking news from what was thought to be one of the most secure military installations in the world, ongoing reports were made concerning thefts occurring between 2012 and 2014.

Yorktown Naval Weapons Station was alerted by information supplied by confidential informants that former U.S. Navy member, Matthew Thomas Deleo and three accomplices were alleged to have stolen in excess of $145,000 worth of military merchandise from a weapons station warehouse, and then liquidated on E-Bay under the profile ‘the kings of surplus’.

According to an NCIS and Homeland Security investigation, Deleo used his reserve common access card to gain entry to the base. He and several accomplices were observed on December 13th using a 21-foot trailer to remove a variety of military issue products including clothing, ski masks, antennas, rope, flash lights, commercial garbage bags, and a laptop, according to investigators on the scene.

The alleged crew was followed to a cabin at a nearby campground where the men were storing stolen merchandise. A crack pipe was also recovered during the search of their property. This is not the first report of this type of military theft and resale for profit using the Internet.

The men may face up to 5-years in prison according to the Cornell University Law Institute for “conspiring to commit an offense against the United States”.  According to 13News Now, the men also face substantial fines if convicted.

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  • Penny M. Polokoff-Kreps earned her BA in Sociology from Queens College of the City University of New York. She is a published author, speaker, FL Supreme Court mediator, and a Guardian ad Litem. She runs a non-profit with her husband, a Vietnam veteran, providing nutritional supplements for veteran cancer survivors, and supporting veterans in obtaining service dogs. She is passionate about veteran's issues especially those related to PTSD and mental health.

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