Stand-alone Army recruiter refuses to tell women they can join the Infantry

Heather Reitter, from Fishkill, N.Y., takes her oath of enlistment at Albany Military Entrance Processing Center on 23JUN2015. Reitter is one of the first dozen females in the newly-opened combat engineer job specialty (12B) in the U.S. Army, after an announcement June 18 by Army officials. Reitter ships to basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., in September. Following basic, she will attend combat engineer training, also at Fort Leonard Wood.

The Army’s virtual guide, SGT STAR, who is “here to help answer any questions you have about the Army” – and a recipient of the Combat Infantryman Badge – has yet to be briefed/updated on all combat MOS’s being opened to women.

SGT Starr 2
Sergeant Star

When Popular Military asked him, “Can women enlist in the Infantry?,” he replied that women can choose from a variety of other career fields.

Screenshot taken from on 14APR2016.
Screenshot taken from on 14APR2016.

The Army has changed their website to show that the Infantryman (11B) job has been opened to women but is obviously still lagging in other areas.

Go Army Infantry
Screenshot taken from on 14APR2016.

Fort Benning – the home of the Infantry – is preparing to accept its first female trainees in June of 2017.

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