Staff Sergeant skips Physical Training to be first in line at new Dunkin Donuts

For some military personnel, the grand opening of the first ever Dunkin Donuts on a U.S. military base in Europe was worth skipping physical training for.

Military personnel at Ramstein Air Base in Germany packed themselves into a line to be the first to purchase sugary treats at the grand opening of a Dunkin Donuts store.

The first person in line was Army Staff Sgt. Josh Dixon*, who staked out his position in line at 6:20 AM even though the new store did not open until 8:00 AM.

According to Stripes, “the line snaked by several store fronts in the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center.”

SSG Dixon, waited in line for an hour and forty minutes to ensure his family, who is visiting him, was able to have their favorite tasty treats.

The regional manager for Dunkin Donuts in Germany said the store prepared about 10,000 doughnuts, muffins and other items for the grand opening.

Another Staff Sergeant, Rodney Matthew, was caught in line by Stripes reporter Jennifer Svan.  SSG Matthew, dressed in his physical training uniform -not clear if he had his PT belt or not- ordered a whopping thirty donuts.

“I’m eating six and I’m going to sell the other 24,” he said.  SSG Matthew works as a ortho-technician at a dental clinic on base and said that his co-workers were not able to attend the grand opening (possibly because they were doing PT, not clear though).

Some were surprised to find out that the Dunkin Donuts franchises in Europe have slighting different menu options -adjusted to European tastes.

One Airman was really hoping to to get an apple fritter but was informed by a DD employee that they didn’t have them but did offer the Airman an apple cinnamon doughnut.

According to Marc Floyd (Army and Air Force Exchange Service general manager for the Kaiserslautern Military Community), if the doughnut business does well at Ramstein, more stores could open at other military bases in Europe.

(*The original report by Stars and Stripes did not indicate if physical training was mandatory for Staff Sgt. Josh Dixon this morning)

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